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I remember when Legends Arceous was first announced, people were celebrating that Game freak were getting the right the idea to how to make 3d open world pokemon game.

So now I see the trailer and.. 

You get the legendary right from the start and you can only use it to explore the world. The rest of the other mons have no use other than battling. Pokemons turn into crystal (another pointless battle gimmick)... This is going full bananas 

Idk, I always had the idea from the first games that you jump in the world practically barebones, so you evolve your team to learn more abilities to go even deeper in the exploration of the world and the pokemon mysteries.

This is far left from what I think it would be the right direction for 3d open world pokemon game. 

Just for starters...

Fauna: still tossed around in the scenario, pokemon roaming around, with idle and rest animations. While my idea of having a dynamic and lively wildlife, exploring every single uniqueness from each species (similar to pokemon snap), doesn't look to be their priority.

World Exploration: Evolve the idea to make your pokemon team to use their abilities to explore the world. Not only fly and swim. What happened to flash, strength, dive? You could have many other abilities that already exist to use as world exploration or puzzle solving techniques, like Minimize to enter in small sections... idk the possibilities are infinite but it looks even less used for the next interaction. The world is there just to walk, swim, fly and catch pokemons.

Pokemon Company really should think off a spin-off series with this focus. Maybe a Kanto remake, because I know putting the entire dex with this specifications would be far demanding.

So anything you wanna opine about the points that I raised? What you see in the trailer looks enough? What you think that defines the franchise? Looking forward your contribution in this thread 

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