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Switch hardware total: 111.08m (3.43m for the quarter)


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 46.82m

Animal Crossing: 39.38m

Smash Bros Ultimate: 28.82m

Zelda BOTW: 27.14m (Switch version only)

Pokémon Sword/Shield: 24.5m

Mario Odyssey: 23.93m

Super Mario Party: 18.06m

Pokémon BD/SP: 14.79m

Pokémon Let's Go: 14.66m

Ring Fit Adventure: 14.54m

Switch Sports: 4.84m

Kirby and the Forgotten Land: 4.53m

Mario Strikers Battle League: 1.91m

  • Net sales of 307,460 billion yen
  • Operating profit of 101,647 billion yen
  • Ordinary profit of 166,723 billion yen
  • Total assets of 2,586,214 billion yen
  • Net assets of 2,035,609 billion yen

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