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Chrkeller said:

I have my ps5 set to performance mode and will always take frame rate over resolution.  I've played a few ps5 games at 120 hz, pretty impressive.  I wish more ps5 games supported 120 hz.

Yeah. It's always frustrating with my PS5/XSX that you cannot run 120hz on everything, heck some games are still 30hz.
But some games don't need it as much as others... I.E. Elder Scrolls.

But it's definitely a big hit to the experience when I am going from 160hz+ on to 30-60hz.

DonFerrari said:

There are some titles that even DF with pixel counting can't get the right number, but sure most o the time they are able to see it is sub 4k, but not on a way that affects presentation =]

But still for marketing it is easier to say 4k (and if you need it, native 4k) than to say all the graphical elements you used to improve the image.

That is exactly what it comes down to, marketing.

4k sells better than improved textures which is always an expectation with a new release.

But sometimes developers push for full fat 4k at the expense of visuals or framerate or even both.

Chrkeller said:

I always thought it was interesting people talk about graphics but rarely discuss panel quality. I recently upgraded from a Sony LED to an LG OLED.... ps5 games look so much better on an OLED. Feels like a borderline mid-generation jump just by upgrading my panel.

You are absolutely on the money.
There is more to an image than pixel resolution... Which is just the final pixel count of the games output.

Even if a game is a "true 4k" title, many of the elements inside of a game are not operating at a 4k resolution, some textures will be significantly higher at 8k or 16k resolutions, some shadow maps, reflections, light maps might only be 2k resolution.

But then you have the displays themselves, OLED gives you those inky blacks, deep and rich colours with HDR... LCD in many ways was a step down from CRT, but OLED resolves a lot of those issues.

I'm running a 32" VA panel on PC as a "compromise" as I can have super high refresh rates, but my 85" TV is an IPS panel with it's notorious IPS glow, so I tend to gravitate towards the PC more often... It has the better contrasts, blacks and response time.

Once OLED comes down in price for those panel sizes, I will upgrade in a heartbeat.

I think that was the best upgrade I did for the Switch to be honest... Games like Luigi's Mansion really does shine on the OLED panel.

DonFerrari said:

I'm always wishing to buy a LG C1 or CX TV, but my wife always say our TV is working fine and denies me =p

I imagine Switch OLED looks a lot better than the regular one as well.

I know some people said that PSP or Vita, don't remember which, was the best emulator available because of the OLED panel one of the models had.

Depends on the game... If it's a very contrasty game like Metroid: Dread or Luigi's Mansion it's a night and day difference.
But other games which are very bright, colourful and cheery like Mario Party, it's not as pronounced.

They are both 720P panels too, so the differences are purely panel quality.

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