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Shaunodon said:
Pemalite said:

Definitely pushing the boundaries of what the Switch is capable of. When you only have 25GB/s of bandwidth holding your fillrate back, anything over 720P is a terrific effort.
I am excited to see how this franchise will look on next-gen Nintendo hardware... It's quickly becoming my favorite Nintendo franchise. (Step aside Zelda and Metroid!)

The Audio is glorious, it's absolutely stunning on my Yamaha home theater system.

If they were to remaster Xenoblade Chronicles X for the next-gen Switch/Nintendo system, what would your moderate expectations be?

As pretty much the last Wii U exclusive (that people want), it feels like it'd be a great launch title. Playing it now on a modern tv doesn't have the same wow factor as it did, but seems like there's still raw potential with the right improvements.

WiiU titles have been able to translate extremely well to the Switch... If they ported it to the Switch, I don't see why it couldn't be 720P native portable, 900P docked.
On a next-gen Switch? Suddenly things like draw distances can be pushed out, we can start to introduce technologies like global illumination/ray tracing to bolster the lighting to make the visuals pop.
It wouldn't be hard to port... As Xenoblade Chronicles 2 uses the Xenoblade Chronicles X game engine, the potential is there.

dane007 said:

Would it possible for them to patch other games to allow better resolution on handheld mode?

Absolutely it would be possible.

Will they do it though? Probably not.

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