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Between the two options and knowing Nintendo, they'll likely go with ORIN for a 2025 release since it'll allow them to sell the Switch 2 at a profit right out of the gate, which is something they always try to do with all their systems.
As a gamer, I'd love for them to go with ATLAS, sell at a loss, and make up for it with software sales, subscriptions, and continued Switch 1 hardware and software sales. That way the Switch 2 will be more advanced and more capable of running the major 3rd party games, which in turn will really benefit them towards the latter part of that system's life cycle.
But seeing as how their financial outlook will be FAR more dependent on the success of their next gen system, since it'll be the only next gen system they launch as opposed to a separate console and handheld, then the former is the more likely route they will go.