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Same, Ragnarok was just on the tip of being acceptable as far as how much comedy/skits you can cram in a MCU film. This just threw the balance off totally. Its okay to have a bunch jokes and humor in them, but when its in most scenes, it makes it really hard to take the whole thing seriously. I know what they were going for like with Ragnarok and GotG, though the comedy almost always fell flat and really wasn't all that funny. Like the

screaming goats or naked Thor and his nakedness

 Its all quite juvenile humor. Its still a enjoyable movie to watch if you switch off your brain.. but as far as MCU movies go, its on the lower end of the spectrum. Shame because I really liked the previous two films and this is the case of the trailers being true to the entirety of the film.

Bale/Gor was so good he totally stole the show lol. Felt like he was in his own movie as far as tone goes.