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I'm getting sick-tired with this narrative that games that have good stories and photorealistic graphics aren't "real games" but "interactive movies". It's like in the early 2000 where anything should have great and top-notch graphics otherwise it didn't deserve to be played, only in reverse

Japanese devs are having their best moment right now because now the market allows them to sell their games worldwide. Internet and digital media abolished barriers that used to restrict JP developers from only selling their games in Japan. Looks at how much JP franchises enjoyed breakthrough success thanks to this in recent years, Nintendo is actually the console make that plays the LEAST impact for third-party JP devs as we see those devs still skipping Nintendo as long as they can afford even if this cost sales in Japan they can make it elsewhere. 

The rest of your assessment about what being western and "to appeal to the west" means is just ridiculous, I would believe this is a troll post but you said you're middle eastern so I'm inclined you truly believe in all this crap.