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Burning Typhoon said:

You're going to have to explain to me what makes mega man 8 so bad. Yeah, I understand the bad voice acting and all that, but X4 also had that, and it's not like it's detrimental to the gameplay. Which is fine.

It's not like the game suffered from slowdown or had an issue like a pause cheat to assist with killing bosses faster. It does its best with varying stage gimmicks, like the snowboarding and flying sections. You can use Mega ball to skip certain parts of the game or jump over some gaps that you can't normally. Each stage has good reasons to return to them, and the Saturn version, which is the best way to play the game, has boss battle sections for Wood Man and Cut Man, and there's no massive sprite flickering on it or the PS1 version

The reasoning for Mega Man 8 being bad just doesn't add up. The worst thing about mega man 8 that comes to mind is that the intro boss, and Astro Man have Spark Mandril syndrome. Followed by the cutscenes, but that has nothing to do with the gameplay and are skippable.

Anyway, my favorite classic game is mega man 8. Not a fan of the 8-bit stuff. The style got old with mega man 10, and 11 doesn't have good music and slower gameplay overall. Also didn't find mega man 7 to be all too visually appealing, but I never owned a super Nintendo, and was first introduced to mega man on PlayStation, since I didn't know of the sega genesis game, and wouldn't have had access in the states anyway (And I think that collection looks and sounds bad too).

I'd try to arrange them, from favorite to least... but how do I do that when I literally hate 8 games in the series?

What are you even doing in this thread if you 'literally hate' 8/11 of the games in the series? Why did you feel the need to be a part of a conversation that you won't even enjoy contributing to? I get that you're a writer and you like to talk about shit, but discretion is key. Why even bother replying to this thread if you only came here to be a contrarian without even being interested in the franchise? 

OdinHades said:
JWeinCom said:

Couldn't you just map a shoulder button to dash? Pretty sure all of those games allow you to remap buttons.

I always double-tap forward to dash in Mega Man X games. Works like a charm.

How do you dash-jump off walls? I used to try the double tap, too, but found that it was insanely picky (and in many times virtually impossible) to do any of the wall-jumping platforming sections. 

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