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I generally double dip when I lost access for a game, either because the physical media degraded or because the hardware is no longer able to play them but this take a while to happen, something like once in 10 years or even more. I've bought many PS/PS2 titles on Switch/PS4 because of that

Other than that I can double dip when definitive editions came out. Something like Pokemon Platinum vs Pokemon D/P.

With that in in mind prices are scaling up fast in Brazil. Food is costing around 40% more a month than 3 years ago. Gas is up over 60%, paid services are all increasing as well, electricity, water. Eletronic prices went crazy, laptops that used to be 3000 BRL are now costing over 5000. Seems like we've regressed to the 90s levels of purchasing power in just 4 years. Taxes still crazy high, next year people who have 1.5x times minimum wages will start to have their paychecks taxed

I've been more conscious with my gaming purchases because I'm feeling every month I'm having less and less money left to spend