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So on this forum we have often debated the merits of physical vs digital ownership of games. But one aspect we have not discussed as much is the different ways of playing games digitally. With the advent of cloud gaming it is possible to play games without downloading them at all, heck you don't even need dedicated hardware. On the other hand some may prefer to have the games downloaded and playable off their local drive.

Which do you prefer? Let's discuss the pros and cons of each:

Cloud Streaming:

Pros: + No need to download large game files. Save space on your disk drive.

        + Usually have access to the most updated patched version of a game, no need to wait for a large update file to download.

        + Instantaneous access to many different games (especially with subscription services).

        + Can play games that hardware cannot run natively, this could include older games that are not backward compatible but also more advanced games that  are  to demanding for the hardware.

         + Nice way to sample and demo games for a short whle.

Cons: - Usually don't "own" the game, just a license or rental access for a limited time.

         - Requires a fast and reliable internet connection to work properly. Not available in many countries.

         - Input lag and stuttering visuals can hamper the smoothness of gameplay

Locally Downloaded Games:

Pros: + Ease of access right off the hard drive, usually no internet connection required.

        + A greater degree of "ownership" over a streaming game.

        + Game hopefully optimized to run on the hardware being played on.


Cons: - Games take time to download and take up limited drive space

         - Usually a limit to how many times a store will allow you to redownload games.

         - Can be pricier to own a game outright.

         - Game is tied to an account and is not easy to access on different platforms.

So what do you think?

Personally I have come to like digital games vs physical. I am still getting used to streaming games online. When it works well its very enjoyable and quite convenient. If it is a game I know I want to have access to for a long time I would prefer to download it. If its a game I just want to try and play casually then I'll stream it.

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