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Barozi said:
Farsala said:

They really need to work on laws allowing ownership beyond the license. I suspect an eventual court case will have to happen in the next 50 years, but not before big companies reap plenty of profits.

Or maybe it is in the terms of use? But that shouldn't be so legally binding.

According to Playstation’s user agreement, when you purchase content from the Playstation Store, all you’re buying is a “personal license to use that Content for private, non-commercial use.” In effect, you “do not own the product.” As per the UA, if the company wished to remove the content from your account, even if you didn’t have a chance to see the content, then they can.

But I totally agree with your last sentence.

Yeah kind of nonsense.

I think the laws need to change to either

A: make it completely obvious it is just a license, I am talking like large print on every purchase saying they could remove it within a year if they want to. Perhaps even in the title of the content.


B: reformed to actually give you ownership/ refunds