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ShadowLink93 said:
crankberryjoos said:

Great week for everyone. Serious question, but how bad is the scalping on the home consoles? I still can't wrap my head around why the Series consoles are selling so well.

I know, during the Xbox one era Xbox was consistently selling less than 100 per week and now it's not unexpected when it sells 5K and has eclipsed 10K on a few occasions, it's more than surprising it is outright weird.

Yes, I've been wondering this as well.  While I love my Series X, to this point it's still nothing more than a souped-up XBox One since there are hardly any exclusive games for it so far.  I really don't understand how the Series is so much more popular in Japan when it really doesn't do anything more than the XBox One, which barely sold anything there, and it doesn't have any big Japanese games like the 360 had.

Game Pass has been around since 2020 in Japan, maybe it's just been a slow adoption of that? But even then, what games on Game Pass are hitting for Japanese gamers? Minecraft and Human Fall Flat are popular in Japan, but it's gotta be more than that I think....