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Like many said pretty much everything that is sold can be considered art in some form of another. So the question is more do you see games being as artistic as iconic statues, paintings etc. And to that my answer is mostly no.

Sure there are some games who try and succeed in being really artistic, but most games do not and aren't simply as artistic as say high quality paintings imo, which only exist for being art. While games mostly exist for being entertainment and for that they don't need to have many qualities that we see in high quality art, like insanely polished and detailed.

Also gaming lacks the history for them to be considered high quality art. Perhaps when they are 50 years old they will have a bigger artistic value. Same as how a Jaguar E type is widely considered a pie e of art, but modern cars which in general are as pretty and exclusive are not as widely considered as art. Games ino definitely fall in the latter category.

Last edited by Qwark - on 15 June 2022

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