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Of course they’re using the branding and the cars, and Sony has some fairly deep talent in their film studios. My glib take on what will happen (that will probably turn out to be mostly accurate):

The loudest whiners will be the purity trolls, sad pathetic little goblins skulking about Twitter and the YouTube comment section thinking a much better writer would be some guy recording himself with overcharged temper tantrums about the differences the film has from their experience with the source material. There will be YouTube videos longer than the actual film. These little Spartacuses will then harass the social media of the film creators until the end of time, or until the next Star Wars film comes out and they focus on that instead.

The only ones sadder will be the “We’re losing the culture war!” bunch. One of them will make some kind of meme saying (I don’t know, probably) “Gran Woke-rismo” or something because there’s a gay person, or more than one woman or black person in the main cast. There will be 432,000 upvotes to the comment and people will repeat the meme about 17 million times thinking they’re the most cleaver people on earth for thinking to repeat it. They’ll believe the meme makes a profound point because it’s pasted over some woman with pink hair and a negative facial expression.

Last edited by Jumpin - on 09 June 2022

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