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Hynad said:
Mummelmann said:

But why? This is absurd at best and disastrous at worst. Even games with actual substance have translated poorly to film and TV in the past, how on earth will this work on any level?

The recent Sonic, Arcane and Castlevania beg to differ…

Arcane was amazing for sure, haven't seen Sonic or Castlevania. But I have seen a slew of other crap made from game licenses. I still think that good productions are the exception and not the rule. I even think that this is a well-known trope and gag in the gaming scene.

I think the main issue with a GT movie for me is that the game itself has no lore, real setting or story to follow, which means anything and everything will be completely freestyle from the producers. Which also means that the GT license itself seems meaningless, I just don't get it. While League of Legends is thin in the story department, there was still a bunch of lore to go by via graphic novels etc, I suppose even Sonic has some actual story. Castlevania is decently lore-rich throughout its almost 40 year history, and at least has some building blocks for a show and/or movie. Gran Turimso simply doesn't, I just find it a weird chose for a licensed film, is all.