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Mummelmann said:

While I do miss the sheer traffic and spectacle of the old days, I sure don't miss the rampant trolling and bickering. Overall, vgchartz has undergone a vast transformation since I joined. The internet is still full of morons, but the style of the moderation and the overall ambiance of this place has evolved into something that works properly and doesn't really attract these, which is a first as far as forums go (in my experience). I would rather have better discussions than lots of discussions - if I had to choose.
We're not dead, which in itself is a fantastic achievement, most sites, and forums that lived past a decade are owned and run by huge corporate entities or companies or are simply tiny niche things for followers of specific games, books, or other phenomena. It's amazing we're still around, and I'm always happy when I see other veterans posting, I feel like I really know these people despite never having met them in real life.

This is why I continue to visit this site.  I’m not a huge fan of trolls and general spam.  A smaller forum means you actually get to know the people you’re talking to.  It doesn’t have to be a bad thing that there aren’t thousands of posts a day from thousands of people.  It’s actually the reason I’ve continued on this site.