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the-pi-guy said:
OneTime said:

I'm not sure why corporations feel the need to publish an opinion on social/political issues unrelated to the industry they work in. There are a lot of people in Sony/Microsoft. They will have different ideas about a lot of things.

For what it's worth - Sony is a Japanese company and abortion is legal in Japan.

They didn't publish an opinion here.

Importantly corporations should back up their employees. Having employees that are happy and healthy is mutually beneficial to the corporation and the employee.

OneTime said:

Presumably in the USA, half of their employees will be pro-choice and half go to church.  Which half of their employees should they care about?

Plenty of people are both.

OneTime said:

I don't know enough about US politics to comment, but in other democracies, important issues are decided by Referendum of the entire population.  That's how abortion was made legal in Ireland (a traditionally Catholic country)

It is entirely Sony's free speech right to say "We are a Japanese company, we do not want to take sides in a US political issue".   They are also allowed to impose limitations on people who choose to work for them can say if there is a big "I WORK FOR SONY" logo next to it. Sony is Japanese, but I imagine a Russian or Chinese company would be even less wise to start commentating on US politics.

Currently, the reason why this is being brought up is because 5 justices are opting to overturn decades old law. This isn't something that the majority of Americans support, and it's not something that we're voting on.
The US is notably being overrun by minority rule due to gerrymandering, and voter suppression.  

I completely disagree with section in bold.  We can make it federal law and/or state law.  We vote for our federal and state representatives.  A federal law was just blocked by the senate, based on who was voted into office...    

Each state gets two senators, gerrymandering doesn't happen with the senate...  the senate blocked the federal law.

And I realize polls say the majority of Americans are against the SCOTUS ruling....  but these same polls also had people not voting Trump in 2016.  Fact is a lot of people are hesitant to give their honest opinion out of backlash fear..  so I would be cautious with how much weight to give these polls.  At the end of the day people vote, and people are voting in pro-life representatives.  

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