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trunkswd said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

Sure Switch is about 5m behind the DS, but it only has to sell 8.3m+ in order to surpass DS's lifetime sales. DS has almost no legs going forward.

yes, agreed. Switch should have much better legs than the DS. At this point DS sales fell off rather quickly. Switch is likely to outsell the DS in Japan. Unless sales start to drop quickly. 

I mean DS is proof of how quickly Japan can drop things, but Switch is in a great position right now.

Even if sales see a steep decline next year & after, I can't see Switch ending lower than 31mil as it should end this year over 28mil. If there is no new model I think it will mostly likely fall in the 32-33mil range.

Curiously looks like on the platform totals pages Switch will end close to a 50/40/30/20 split for Americas/Europe/Japan/ROW (with 40m in Europe being the only one that will be a tough target)