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IcaroRibeiro said:
trunkswd said:

Worldwide that would have been nearly impossible. Most people are predicting a closer gap than the PS4 and Xbox One with Xbox Series X|S only outselling the PS5 in the Americas, and maybe the UK.

Every week Xbox outsell PS5 one or two users come to say Xbox will outsell PS5 by the end of generation 

XBox doesn't have a strong presence in Japan/Asia, which means it would have to absolutely obliterate the PS5 in another territory to compensate.  The only place XBox could ever do that is in NA where the 360 previously destroyed the PS3.  But the XBox Series and PS5 are neck and neck in NA right now, so that's an unlikely outcome.  As trunkswd said though, most people are predicting the overall gap to be much closer this gen that it was in the last.  Not that it will beat it Worldwide.

At this point last generation, Sony had already sold nearly 23m consoles.  XBox One had only sold 12.5m.

PlatformWeekly (change)Total

Global Weekly Chart 02nd May 2015

Compare that to now at end of April 2022, where the gap of over 10m that existed between the PS4/XBox One has been cut in half between the PS5/XBox Series.

PlayStation 5 - 212,788 (19,467,776)

Xbox Series X|S - 139,856 (14,428,785)

Sony is losing sales due to shortages, and Microsoft is clearing gaining them.  It doesn't matter that Sony sells everything its been able to produce.  It matters that Microsoft is picking up the sales that Sony didn't get from what it could not produce.  For as many people that will wait for the PS5 to be available, there are going to many more who won't.  People who don't buy multiple consoles per generation.  Sony's not going to be able to get all of these, lets call them "missed opportunity", sales back.  Microsoft is even more in the right place at the right time, because they chose to also provide an affordable entry level version of their console that has the benefit of not just being cheap, but actually being available.  So, now you have to factor that people who gave up looking for a PS5 and settled for a Series S, even if they do buy another console later, it might just be to trade up to the Series X so they can keep playing the games they've already been buying this gen.

Anyway, at this pace, by the time PS5 gets close to 100m sales, the XBox series could very well be at 70m, which in itself would be a dramatic recovery from last generation.