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curl-6 said:

The thirst for Pokémon seems unquenchable; BD/SP and Arceus come out within months of each other, and still achieve sales like this.
Will be interesting to see where they manage to leg it out to and if either breaks the 20 million mark.

Also, an amendment to the OP: New Pokemon Snap sales are only outside Japan. Anyone know its Japanese total?

Pokemon's probably the most...maximized IP in Nintendo's portfolio for lack of a better term. YMMV if it is overplaying its hand, but a live action movie, games, mangas, a massive anime, mobile titles...and the series is probably at its most diverse its been in recent times. I mean Snap coming back was a meme a la Dread for ages...

Legends Arceus in particular was a major fanbase shaking moment because it is the sort of shake up that fans wanted for a long time...and by all regards they made that clear. And I legit think that Game Freak wasn't expecting it. They didn't go in nearly as much for capitalizing on it the way they do with other major games (they had a four part amazon special, but it was as much about BDSP as Legends, maybe even more so). 

Honestly the one thing that Pokemon is missing is a full means of capitalizing on the periphery demographics...and that's a giant can of worms there. Honestly I think Pokemon co has odder views on things than even Nintendo. 

Like they legit said no hats for the protag of the movie because they didn't want a issue with the movie to affect Ash's popularity. Yes....really. That was a thing. 

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?