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Such Skyward Sword hate in here.

I agree that it wasn’t the best 3D Zelda entry, but it was good for what it was, and it had great dungeons. It’s not even my least favorite 3D Zelda. I agree it can’t come close to Breath of the Wild though.

However, the low sales performance does make me worry a bit. Because Link’s Awakening, a game also held in much higher esteem than Skyward Sword, especially as a remake, also didn’t light up the sales charts or had endless legs like Breath of the Wild has. And to top it off Age of Calamity performed much better than the original Hyrule Warriors’s Switch version (while that one was much better if you asked me). So the other Zelda games merely performed like the series did before Breath of the Wild did even though they released after.

I’m afraid Breath of the Wild in actuality didn’t make many new “Zelda fans”, it only made “Breath of the Wild fans”. Meaning the yet unnamed sequel will get good sales because it’s tied to its predecessor, but a potential Zelda after that on a new system with a new Link and Zelda and a new story and setting and a different look will crash back down to the 5-8M sales the games had in the past.