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Kakadu18 said:
Valdney said:

The sheer rejection of SS HD (the ultimate puZZelda) is a beautiful thing to watch. I just have to hope Nintendo actually learns a lesson here.

It's not like they are making another Zelda like that. I still don't get the hate towards this game. Smh

For me it was the controls, they were unbearable. They might be better at Switch now we have a proper controller, but it was designed for Wii so I'm doubtful, plus the remaster looks like an outright port making even less inclined to give it a try

As I never managed to endure the torture that was using Wiimote, I never went too far here and I as such I didn't create any kind of affective memories for this entry. Honestly at that point Zelda looked like an ancient franchise that was falling hard to make a progression for modern gaming. Every bit of SS game screamed 90's for me, like the autojump, if the game is heavily designed around platforming sections why just not... you know, let us do jumping?