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It's just about tied with Ultimate as my favorite of the series, pretty much agree with what you wrote about it.

It's slower than Melee sure, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing, I enjoy the gameplay of both a ton despite that difference. And I think the roster was the "best" in the sense that they made the most of the number of characters, (except maybe compared to the first one) pretty much all the figthers are ones that I like. Of course having that same whole roster and a bunch more makes Ultimate edge it out a bit in total, but I still like the more compact Brawl roster as well. And then there's Subspace which while not perfect is still an amazing experience to revisit every once in a while. The game also features my favorite incarnations of some of the other modes like classic and target smash.

The only major flaw of the game in my eyes is that it isn't exactly suited for competetive play, but to someone like me that doesn't matter much anyways. And then there's the minor flaw that is random tripping. Sure, it's dumb alright, but it's also just a very minor part of the game, which I can easily live with.

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