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My wife and I have been watching the Batman movies in HBO Max, one per night. We watched The Dark Knight last night. So far it's the best of the series but I don't think it's a masterpiece, 5/5 movie. The Harvey Dent/Two-face aspect felt specially rushed. Also the original Batman would never give up his identity just cause some psycho wants him.

Looking forward to watching The Batman (the newest one) again! I think it may be my N1 in the franchise.

TallSilhouette said:

The Northman: Best film I saw last week. Gets off to an awkward start, but as soon as Alex takes over it hits its stride. Beautifully shot revenge flick that tells a poetic tale without sanitizing history. Could be this year's Green Knight.

I went and watched it with my wife a week ago, it was a solid film and we had a good time. We also watched The Green Knight some time ago but we didn't like it as much. Some of the elements were interesting but I wasn't very satisfied by the end. I think my favorite medieval movie made in recent times is still The Last Duel. So good!