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I'm, as long I'm concerned, unable to feel nostalgia. If something was relevant enough to make lasting impact it was probably a negative (or at least mixed) feeling instead of a positive one. I think in truth most memories are, indeed, a mix of feelings, but most of people's brain erase the bad impressions in a way to preserve pleasure and joyness. That's probably why everybody think older games as perfect... even if deep down, when they were playing, the games never felt perfect in first place

Beyond that, as I can't preserve most of my memories, every time I watch, play, listen or visit something is an almost completely new experience and I only have very very vague memories of how used to be the experience in past and the new feelings simply overwhelm past feelings. That's why I sometimes need lists and social media to organize what was my opinion about let's say, an anime, because I just can't really trust my long therm memory

I wonder how this will impact my relationship with entertainment once I start to age. I already forgot almost all things I lived before being 10 years old, I hear old people (80+) recollecting their childhood memories and I wonder... how can they ?