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deerox said:
Kakadu18 said:

Have you seen Shadowlink's charts? It's way above 2019 and dropping that low this time of the year isn't unusual. The 3DS launch aligned was selling less than a third of the Switch's numbers on average weekly. Sometimes sub 20k. The Switch still has a lot of steam in it's engine.

Is there a chart somewhere that shows the weekly sales of the 3DS?

Saturation Comparison (Year 6)

W# — 3DS —— NSW

W1: 122.8k — 195.9k
W2: 51.1k —— 148.7k
W3: 31.4k —— 94.5k
W4: 30.0k —— 77.2k
W5: 24.9k —— 99.1k
W6; 19.8k —— 92.4k
W7: 21.1k —— 118.1k
W8: 18.6k —— 96.9k
W9: 20.0k —— 70.2k
W10: 21.3k — 97.0k
W11: 20.5k — 98.2k
W12: 20.4K — 85.5k
W13: 25.3k — 83.8k
W14: 25.5k — 67.2k
W15: 21.2k — 61.2k
W16: 18.3k — 60.3k
W17: 15.1k — 57.5k
W18: 22.4k
W19: 23.6k
W20: 14.4k

3DS: 507k
NSW: 1604k

Only 1100k over 3DS same year, saturation really hitting hard  

3DS year 6 sold 1874k btw!