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Ultr said:
NobleTeam360 said:

Congrats to Macron, polls were making it appear as if Le Pen was actually close to Macron. Glad to see that simply wasn't the case.

It absolutely was the case. they were within 5percent of each other in the global race. But once the other candidates fell out of the vote and they had to chose between Le Pen and Macron and the additional 10% just did not want Le Pen to win, but also did not want Macron. This is going to be a very intresting term because if nothing changes the next election will be a colossal failure for macrons party.

But yeah it wasnt close in the end. Thats absolutely the case

Was it really though? If Melenchon was only 1.2% stronger, Le Pen would've been kicked out of the presidental race early. So if anything Le Pen was lucky to even make it to the second round (same case as in 2017 btw.).