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Kakadu18 said:

The decision to delay it in the first place doesn't make sense to me. It's not like there haven't been any other wars going on all the time. No ones gonna be traumatised by a cartoony game like this. I just don't get it.

Yeah it really made zero sense. Like imagine how silly it would be if CoD or any other realistic war games hadn't come out, well, ever, because of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. That's be insane. Then take that concept and apply it to a cartoon strategy war game lol.

I mean I guess it's because it's a hostile nation attacking a nation considered more to be an ally of western democracy, rather than a western democracy waging war on someone else. So to the western democratic world, which includes Japan aka Nintendo, it feels more like "hey we're being attacked!" rather than "oh yeah we're just waging war on non-western-democracies so it's alright". I imagine that has to be the sort of narrative running through people's minds to make such a decision.

Anyway, I'd expect it to maybe come out this Fall or perhaps late Summer, but I guess it depends on how long the Russia/Ukraine war lasts.