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Kneetos said:
Ljink96 said:

This doesn't surprise me at all. Much like Sony, Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, EA, etc. Nintendo of America probably operates in a similar fashion. No company is your friend. You can love their products but defending poor practices isn't worth anyone's time. As of now however, these are simply allegations. 

That being said, I've already seen people apply this to the entirety of Nintendo which I think is disingenuous and once again try to use it as an excuse to pirate new games. The internet is a strange place indeed.

You are indeed correct, no company is a friend to anyone, however Nintendo has historically treated their workers well, with them being the most willing to delay games and even have their CEO's take pay cuts and not fire their staff RIP Mr Iwata San.

I am going to take a "wait and see" approach to the news and see if more skeletons fall out of the closet before comparing them to Ubisoft or Activision blizzard

The Nintendo you're referring to is Nintendo JP or NCL. NCL is the entity that took pay cuts, delays games, etc. NOA is simply a mouthpiece for NCL, however they do have their own managerial style that applies more to western interests.

Each branch has cultural and societal differences. For example, back in the day Nintendo employees weren't even necessarily paid all that well. It didn't matter if a game sold 100K or 10 Million, you were paid your salary iirc. No bonuses. There's a recording of Miyamoto and other Nintendo staff stating this and that they were just happy to enjoy vacations or trips that the company provided. Heck, Capcom and Bamco only just recently increased salaries of their employees. Crunch was also something baked into gamedev culture back then in Nintendo. 

Every developer has skeletons in their closets. It's just that some may have the remains of a mouse while others have human remains.