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That just makes me happier to have the Steam Deck. Retro gaming on the switch is just pathetic, to be quite honest. The few systems they have on their service don't get new games in what feels like an eternity and the current selection of titles leaves so much to desire. The fact alone that people get excited about tha addition of GB and GBA years after the inital launch speaks volumes about Nintendos total failure in this regard. And then you are expected to pay each and every month for that stuff. It's just sad.

They really had it going with Virtual Console. I will never understand why they just abandoned that. Sure, you could say they want dem sweet subcription moneyz. But I don't think anyone seriously stays on the service just because of the few retro titles anyway.

Sorry if that sounds like a rant. Don't get me wrong, I like my Switch, I even have multiple consoles and I pay for the base online subcription. But only because of cloud saving. Nintendo fucked up retro gaming on the system pretty good, you can't deny that. Seriously, how hard can it be to get a GB/GBA emulator working on the Switch?

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