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deerox said:
Jpcc86 said:

Cautiously happy about this. Yeah, the GBA has a ton of great games, but Nintendo's track record when it comes to which and how many games it makes available for NSO is just sad, so hopefully this is gonna be worth it. 

I think they have done a good job adding their first-party games to the NES & SNES online apps.

NES is only missing Startropics 2 and SNES is only missing Super Mario RPG.

N64 on the other hand, is missing quite a few. It's missing Wave Race 64, 1080 Snowboarding, Excitebike 64, Pilotwings 64, Mario Party, Smash Bros, Pokemon Stadium, and all of the RARE games that isn't Banjo-Kazooie.

I think they should add the Famicom and Super Famicom Fire Emblem games to NSO in all regions and ideally also the Famicom Wars games. Translated of course.

But they won't.