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And wouldn't you know it? Hot off our boy's record-breaking box office success, our good ol' friend, Ken Penders has to try and rain on our parade AGAIN:

Controversial Sonic Writer Ken Penders Claims Sonic 2 Used His Characters, Is Seeking Legal Advice


He has no room to talk seeing how he stole Ian Flynn's redesign of Shade and tried to call it his own, which BTW: the courts ruled in favor of Sega/BioWare when he sued them, what a fucking hack. Hell, he has a lengthy history of stealing ideas, his Knuckles spin-off series was literally a ripoff of Conan/Red Sonja, but go ahead and act like you "own" the concept of superpowered animals (echidnas) and characters owning dads, bruh. Pot, meet the fucking kettle.

I see this ending about as well as his Sega/BioWare lawsuit.