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I saw it last night, I had a damn good time. Easily better than the first movie, which I thought was just okay (I blind-bought it on 4K when I saw it was discounted). This movie easily has more heart than the first film, I dug the beats with Sonic and Tom more in this one with better dialog to boot. This one also has better action scenes, and above all, more nostalgia. Jim Carrey's performance as Eggman is easily a step up from the first movie, this was 90's Jim Carrey at his best, though it probably helps that he's allowed to go full crazy/Eggman in this one, and Idris Elba was great as Knuckles, as expected. Seeing the big 3 together was great and their dynamic was so well-executed that 

by the end of the movie, you totally buy their friendship , I was actually somewhat surprised by how well they pulled this off. I also really dug Pantera's "Walk" playing during the Death Egg activation.

My only real gripes with the movie were the added campiness from the first film, which didn't bother me for the most part, but I didn't like the added fart jokes and as others have pointed out, there were some unnecessary scenes that drug down the pacing, especially the wedding scene, which also suffered from poor writing. Was it really that hard for Tom to say:

"here's your real ring right here, now I need that one back. It's kinda an emergency"? Not to mention it set up the most abrupt/bizarre GUN introduction I could've possibly imagined (no pun intended).

PS, my theater was going crazy during

Super Sonic (granted, there were a bunch of kids in my theater, but still)

, anyone else get the same reaction? There was also a loud buzz during the mid-credits scene when 

Shadow appeared, though a part of me was hoping for Metal Sonic, not gonna lie.

4/5 this might actually be the best videogame movie ever made, which isn't a high bar, but still.

Last edited by KManX89 - on 09 April 2022