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and Coop. this game seems to encourage coop, so much so that it even gave you spirit summons as an alternative if you don't have online or friends.

I played through once solo (Barbarian class with a big hitty stick) and that was amazing, but now I'm doing a sorcerer build in coop and I think I might be liking it even more. yeah, Invasions suck and I still think they should be opt-in only, but other than that I think coop is the way to play if you want an 'easy' mode. Still hard but you can split agro and do better crowd control that way. Seems to be designed this way.

Plus when exploring the open world, you and your coop partners can occasionally get flask refills any time you kill groups of enemies or a particularly large enemy, incentivizing more exploration with buddies.

Options. the game's primary idea is 'options'.

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