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At the end of the day it really does not matter if Sony stated this is a competitor or not to GP, it will always be viewed as such. Does Sony combine Plus and Now together if not for GP, who knows but it will always be viewed as a reaction to the success and push by MS with their services. If you own a MS console right now GP isn't a must but if things really start to kick off and Acti comes on board, the value proposition will be very high and probably a one to one where anyone getting a Xbox console also gets a GP sub.

As time goes on, each service will continue to be viewed and the value proposition will be measured. Personally for me, I never expected Sony to bring day one releases to their services but what is the time frame would they bring them. If its 1 years out from release, I would definitely pay up to the mid tier as I never need to play any game on release. To me that is a good acceptable time frame. If its 2 years from release then the value really falls for me and I probably see no need to upgrade.

Last edited by Machiavellian - on 30 March 2022