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Pinkie_pie said:
TomaTito said:

What's the difference with a season pass? Doesn't Fornite already have this?
Yeah, just checked it, they have the battle pass and additinally there's also The Crew, a monthly sub.

It will work on their target audience in which kids will beg their parents to buy the subs. If not, they'll be teased at the playground.

Most of the f2p games have some kind of sub like dauntless, fornite, genshin impact, pretty much all the mmorpgs have it. But this sub for gta online is actually pretty good value compare to the shark cards. It's like a 500k shark card that can only be purchased once a month for $6. The 500k shark card cost $10 and can be purchased unlimited 

I'd prefer to just walk around with the standard cosmeticless avatar in those situations, but to each their own.

In reality for these live service games, you just need a few whales and you make a shit ton of money.

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