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kenjab said:
ShadowLink93 said:

And just like that, 2022's lead over 2020 gets erased.  Still has a good lead over 2019 though.

Over the next 15 weeks, it averages out to 86.7k per week for 2020. I think 2022 can definitely keep up or pass 2020 again, with Kirby, Switch Sports and Mario Strikers as notable releases.

Personally, I believe 2022 will end up higher than last year, but lower than 2020. (I think this will be the case globally as well) 2021 has some less than stellar weeks starting at week 28, all the way to week 40, and beyond that, the end of the year was also pretty lackluster.

The year 2021 was strange as it had the strongest start of any of its years followed by the weakest holiday season.