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JCGamer55 said:

Wow, I thought the name change would have hurt sales. Never thought Story of Seasons was a million seller.

It’s a pleasant surprise.

It’s years later, and while it’s getting better, there are many people who don’t seem to realize that a name change occurred; or that the current “Harvest Moon” franchise has nothing to do with the original one other than the name. So, I suspect a lot of it has to do with building up a whole new brand with many not even aware that Story of Seasons = Harvest Moon 1997-2013 with a new localized name.

I suspect part of the issue is the localizers (a company called Natsume) is literally using the “Harvest Moon” trademark to publish near indistinguishable copycat games. So many are just assuming that the series began to suck and that Story of Seasons is the clone franchise. It’s weird how the court systems take Natsume’s side in this - the whole purpose of trademark law is to prevent people from confusing consumers, and Natsume is doing just that.

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