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With rune factory 5 now out in the states, and the game launching in the UK and EU on Friday (not bitter) I've decided to brink up the issue of the game that seems to be hanging off the game like an eyesore

And eyesore is right

As many players and previwes/reviews have pointed out the game looks and runs pretty badly on nintendo's hybreed console, and many people are putting in their stance to wait for a hopeful playstation or pc launch of the game because of said issues.

As we know, the nintendo switch is not a powerful device, quite lacking in power even to the 2013 release of the xbox one and ps4, and while I always made the joke that you can fit probobly 20 nintendo switch consoles inside of an xbox one the point still stands.

And in spite of the systems lack of power it hasn't stopped a lot of games coming to the system, games like the witcher 3, doom 2016, skyrim special edition, as well as the (hopefully) native port of hogwarts legacy, just to name a few third party games that managed to find a home there.

I've been scouring reddit as well as other gaming sites, and I see a lot of people blaming the switch itself for rune factory 5's performance, and while there are some like me who point out, like with disgeia 5, the game isn't really pushing the hardware, and unfortunately, the Switch version of RF5 is likely due to a lack of time, development or skill within marvelous to make the game run as well as it could, if that is true then I don't think a ps4/5 xbox or pc port would do much to fix those issues.

What do you think?

Is rune factory's sub par performance due to the nintendo switch or a lack of development