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I mean, it's great that we're getting all these classic games with official controllers, and online play for these classic games, as well as Nintendo actually fixing the emulation issues, but at the same time, Nintendo still isn't justifying having a paid for "online" service. We had free multiplayer gaming for yeeeeears! But now with NSO, not only do we have to pay for multiplayer, but not all Nintendo's games support cloud saves, the online infrastructure is ancient (NEX) with a very slow rollout towards their new online system (NPLN) which as a side note, even the upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports still uses the old online system while Monster Hunter Rise and Pokemon Legends: Arceus are the only 2 games that use the new online system. And NSO is still missing basic online features like a proper messaging system, a friends list that's easy to manage, party-chat functionality, and a unified way to invite players to your game.

And just throwing more and more retro games doesn't make your "online" service any better or justify its existence in the first place.

I may get the expansion pack later this year just because I'm admin of a family plan and several are interested in it alongside the MK8D DLC, but don't want to make the jump just yet either. We'll hold out and see what Nintendo does to both improve the online service in general, and to see what additional content gets added.

Last edited by gtotheunit91 - on 21 March 2022