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Mario 3D World is actually pretty good (I wasn't ever that interested in it). Does a better job of 2D-Mario-like gameplay than NSMBUD, which was quite mediocre and just feels stale. 3D World feels like a pretty good continuation of the 8bit and 16bit games. I wouldn't say it is nearly as good as SMB3 or SMW, but it is a lot better than NSMBUD. I wouldn't mind each gen getting one 2D Mario, one 3D World type of game that gives a 3D take on 2D Mario, and one normal open 3D game, along with a Mario Maker of course. Granted that's a lot of new Mario every gen, like one every other year, but they're all quite different. The fully 3D games are all still much better than 3D World but this is a good take on 2D Mario gameplay.

Haven't tried Bowser's Fury yet. I'm guessing I'll be quite happy with this game once I get throught it and the Bowser's Fury part.