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Although the game is from 2017 (Switch port in 2019), I got Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! last year and what a blast.

It is a time management/food tycoon game that is literally littered with QTE in which you wiz through menus via button shortcuts. As time goes on, you memorize the button combinations as each recipe has a consistent process, at this time you reach a kind of zen state while flying through the orders. If you don't get good enough through normal gameplay, the easy "zen" mode will help you learn those button combinations.

Tons of variety in the recipes via the extended content in restaurant levels and the infinite model. This last game mode you can design your own restaurant as in the menu selection, plus look and style of the place; all these are unlocked as you play along.

How could I forget the music, nice tunes in there. And did I mention it has co-op, win win!

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