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Machina said:

I'm afraid I don't actually know the answer to those technical questions.

On the first one you could always just reserve the first few posts?

On the second one, what I often do is copy the text to a site that I know when I post it there and then copy it over to VGC it avoids all of the weird formatting and space issues that sometimes crop up from a direct Google Docs>VGC post.

Aaah, that's very helpful actually! I'm thinking of sending the Google Doc text to myself in a PM on another site and then transferring it over to here. And good idea on reserving the first few posts!

Anyway, I may not follow through on this and finish. It's getting to be daunting. But it's good to have an idea of how to actually get the content onto the site in a way that'll actually fit and is readable. Thanks a ton!