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Just Finished: inFamous 2 (PS Now)

I played this series out of order. I played the original game on PS3 years ago and then played Second Son on PS4 during 2020. I really enjoyed Second Son, it's my favorite of the series, so I worried that going back to inFamous 2, this game would pale in comparison. It does, but not by much. I played both of the games featuring Cole on the evil path. For a T rated game some of the moral situations you are put in get really dark. The developers did a great job expanding on Cole's powers and mixing up the gameplay from the first game. An open world city based on New Orleans feels pretty unique, so I dug New Marais as a setting. The graphics have not aged well. The story does a good job of complicating the character's and there moral choices. I felt incentivized to do a bunch of side missions to unlock extra powers. Some of the mission structures got repetitive. You feel very powerful by the end of the game. The game definitely grew on me especially as you gain better means of traversing the city. I've now completed all the mainline inFamous games. I can go back and replay each game with the opposite moral choice and then I could as play the standalone DLC for inFamous 2 and Second Son. I hope Sucker Punch continues the series on PS5 and beyond. It's a real gem. With great power...


Full Completed 2022 List:

  • Far Cry 5 (PS4)
  • Resident Evil 6 (PS4)
  • inFamous 2 (PS Now)

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