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curl-6 said:
KLAMarine said:

Name sounds familiar, remind me who that was please.

Infamous VGChartz user banned years ago who constantly downplayed any positive news about the Switch and predicted that despite its strong performance in 2017 the Switch would "fall off a cliff" in 2018. 

An interesting career this guy had. He claimed to loath Nintendo products, yet couldn’t stop discussing them. I wonder what became of that Last Samurai Keyboard Warrior???

And so the days of the troll had ended. Forums, like men, it is sometimes said have their own destiny. No one knows what became of the troll. Some say he turned to stone. Others, that he moved back into his mother’s basement. But I like to think that, with the ban, he may have at least found some small measure of peace, and finally got a life.

Last edited by Jumpin - on 01 March 2022

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