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Medisti said:

Actually, I do have one question. I can't see my old 360 purchases in my game library or on the Xbox website, but if I search for them manually on the store it shows that I own them and can redownload. Thing is, it's a tad difficult for me to remember every digital game I bought from 2008-2011. Is there a way to tell or list these other than dragging my 360 out of the attic and hooking it up?

They definitely should show up as long as they are backwards compatible but when you add a new profile or buy a plethora of games it can take a little while. I guess the console is scanning and processing your profile but doesn't update immediately. It sometimes help to hard reset the console by holding the power button until it's turned off.

You can also open the Xbox Guide, hover over My games & apps, press the start button and then select refresh.

Last edited by Barozi - on 23 February 2022