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Jaicee said:
Mnementh said:

If young people *really* are more familiar with Aloy than Lara Croft and if they really still are in 10 to 15 years, then you will have a point. But at this point it is all speculation. Horizon Zero Dawn is a successful commercial product. But many successful commercial products have come and gone without leaving a bigger cultural imprint. To judge that we need to see into the future, and I at least can't.

The thing I am conflicting with is the term "cultural icon", because that term to me has a much deeper meaning than one fleeting successful product. I have no problem whatsoever to note the success of this game, 20M isn't something a lot of games achieve.

Yes, people really are hung up on that one subjective word I used in the OP to the point of, well, missing my main point even though I've subsequently clarified it multiple times now. This was supposed to be a celebratory thread, but because I'm the author instead I've offended everyone somehow again. That's how it fucking works. Everything I do goes to hell. I'm always in the minority opinion on everything. People look for any teeny, tiny, little nitpicky faults and semantics they can possibly find with everything I say and use them to ruin everything because they don't like me because there's something wrong with me.

If to make this any clearer, forget I ever used the term "icon", okay? It was a mistake. I should never have said that. I probably should never say anything really because I'm always going to be wrong. But please just try re-reading the OP again without that one word. I'll make it easier for you and retroactively delete it. I wish I could just delete this whole thread because all it is now is just yet another hit to my whole image and reputation around here because there weren't enough of those yet.

I was just trying to say that it sold more copies than the best-selling Tomb Raider game, making it the best-selling heroine-focused game ever. That's all. Something factually non-disputable about which I'm still somehow absolutely wrong anyway. Nevermind. It's ruined.

EDIT: There. The offending line is gone now.

That one subjective word set the tone for everything else.  Not sure why you care so much if other people agree with your opinion.  Throw it out there, defend it and even if no one agrees so what.  The problem would be to dismiss reasoned disagreements or get upset.  At the end of the day, no one really changes their opinion and only you know fully what you mean, everyone else can only interpret and most times its not going to always be on point.

Anyway you should revel in having the minority opinion.