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Xxain said:

The problem with this site is the lack of interest in video games.

We have tons of threads about the business side of the industry(which makes sense for this site) but rarely is there any good discussion about video games. I remember back in the golden days on this site we would have hype threads awaiting the release anticipated games. Now? You would not even know big games released/are releasing on this site. Never an we need a shift from a sales site with game discussion to game discussion site with sales news.

I would imagine that “back in the day” (which I assume would be 2006-2010ish) there were simply far fewer video game forums on the internet. There are now sites like Reddit, neogaf, resetera, and so on, for general games discussion. However, in my experience at least, this is the only site I have found that discusses the business side of the industry at any length without devolving into console war flame wars