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trunkswd said:
xMetroid said:

The Switch passing PS1 article gained some great traction. It got into the thousand likes on Twitter and got ReviewTechUSA and several others make a video about it and quote the website. Article passed 10k views it's nice to see ! Switch passing the PS4 will be massive online.

Anyway, feels like January was an overall good month here.

The tweet on Twitter has done really well. If only that happened more often. That one tweet has over 330K impressions and over 10K engagements, and it is continuing to grow. It has also helped the official VGChartz Twitter account gain over 200 followers.

Yea it did massively well AND we got confirmation close afterwards that the Switch indeed surpassed the PS1 and Wii. So the close enough numbers the site got pushed the narrative that the site is always millions off. The 200 followers will help a lot in gaining a bit of traction in every posting. Like i said, once we get to the point where the site says Switch passes the PS4, Twitter will explode. 

I also had an idea/ find it curious there isn't like a trending section on the most popular article on the site. It could help keeping the most popular conversations afloat since they quickly vanish in the flow of news.