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Week 4 Breakdown - Our First Breakdown of the New Year!

Now that I finally have the tables and comparisons set up. (A whopping 24 tables! 6 comparisons x 4 regions!)

It's time to finally take a deep dive and look at how the comparisons look to start out the the year now that the first month is in the books!


PlayStation 5:

vs. 2021 - Down in All Regions.

vs. '15 PS4 - Up in the US and JP; Down in EU and the ROTW; Down Overall.


Xbox Series:

vs. 2021 - Up in All Regions.

vs. '15 XBO - Up in All Regions.


Nintendo Switch:

vs. 2021 - Up in the US, EU, and the ROTW; Down in JP; Up Overall.

vs. '10 DS - Up in EU, JP, and the ROTW; Down in the US; Up Overall.


Overall, after one month, the Xbox Series is ahead in both of its' comparisons, the PS5 is behind in its' comparisons, while the Switch is 1-1 so far (Ahead of the 2010 DS, behind last year.)

Sales typically pick up in February due to everyone filing their taxes and getting those returns to spend some money! So we'll see how that fairs for the three consoles in the coming month.